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Due to the recent sighting of a small crocodile in the sailing area and the inherent risks to those learning to sail, the club has decided to purchase four Fareast 19r yachts as a training platform. As apposed to the smaller laser and opti dinghies, the 19r's will allow sail training for a number of people on the one vessel with no one having to enter the water.

Please stay tuned for future sail training events, the new boats have arrived and should be in the water towards the end of 2019.

Anyone interested in being involved are urged to contact the club on 08 89873077 or approach the bar staff when you visit the club next and have your name put down on the expressions of interest list.

We are not only inviting people to learn to sail, but we are also looking for people who would like to be actively involved in the sail training and learning to be a sailing instructor. Courses can be arranged for those interested.




Gove Boat Clubs new FarEast 19R's 




 Keels for FarEast 19R's


 Check out a FarEast 28 at Hamilton Island race week